About Us

Brick2wall Infra is a breakthrough platform that infuses technology in the construction material supply chain to drive procurement and operational efficiency. It introduces systemic intelligence that allows infrastructure contractors to select from multiple product options curated using its proprietary algorithm, while enjoying scale benefits from aggregated demand. The platform unifies multiple stakeholders to offer greater supply chain control and employs proprietary credit appraisal process to offer efficient trade finance solutions.
Infrastructure firms, by virtue of their cash flow cycle and limited liquidity from traditional FIs, need to engage distributors and/or trade-financiers to procure construction material. Distributors often specialize in a specific product-brand combination, servicing a limited geographical area. Select trade-financiers, employ lengthy processes with unfriendly business terms. This leaves infrastructure firms to engage with multiple middlemen, making their procurement process operationally taxing and financially inefficient.

Key Statistics



₹ 1 lac Cr+

Client order book value




100+ Cr

Credit book





Upto 5%

Purchase cost savings



finance cost savings





How do we work

At Brick2wall Infra, we follow a bottom-up approach to business development.

  • Conducting due diligence on the Infrastructure project. Building relationship with the “Anchor”

  • Identifying set of product brand combinations by cross referencing project details with proprietary product recommendation application

  • Assessing In-principle credit limit to contractors based on project’s cash flows & & contractor’s financial strength

  • Winning business with the contractor engagement

If you are a customer, simply Contact Us here. One of our Business Development Specialist will get in touch with you with a tailored solution.

Our Products

  • Brick2wall specializes in steel, a simple appearing yet complex and critical product across Infrastructure projects. As per Ministry of steel, Infrastructure sector consumes ~12% of steel produced in India, a number which likely to triple over the next 10 years, taking sector’s steel consumption to 120 Mn MT (10x growth).

  • High order value coupled with project cash flows, mandate the need for a middlemen. Current requirements are fulfilled by a fragmented supplier base, specializing in a specific product-brand combination & geography. Brick2wall has supplied over 500+ SKUs fulfilling orders across 18 Indian states.

  • By aggregating demand and forging partnerships with manufacturers, Brick2wall has extended economies of scale benefits to its customers. Steel also aligns with the founders 50+ years of trade knowledge and network.

Cement, concrete, construction chemicals, construction equipment are other segments, in which we will be gradually extending procurement support.

Our Partners

Brick2wall Infra has partnered with different stakeholders across the supply chain, to develop greater supply chain control and visibility. Our multi-brand, national sourcing, deep supply chain capabilities enable us to ensure continuous material supply, independent of local disturbances. Thus, even during lockdown, our clients have witnessed regular and prompt supplies.

Whom do we serve ?

We cater to the Infrastructure sector for:
  1. 1

    Brick2wall Infra focuses on the $100Bn Indian Infrastructure sector. The sector contributes 9-10% to the Indian GDP and employs 12% workforce.

  2. 2

    Infrastructure sector is an aggregation of 7 broad subsectors, vis a vis Roads, Railways, Aviation, Power, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Urban Development. Each sub-sector behaves differently in terms of its project execution, cash flows and product specifications. In the last 2 years, Brick2wall has cultured product expertise with supply chain depth, to ensure exclusive and timely supplies.

  3. 3

    Each subsector also witnesses variable participation of Large, Medium & Small enterprises, following variable consumption behavior, procurement process and credit appetite. Brick2wall has developed intelligence to ascertain consumption and procurement requirements of captive customers to offer suitable credit solutions.

Management team


Nishant Garg Co-Founder & CEO


Shashank GargCo-Founder & COO


Saad MaddasTechnical head

Manish SoniGM - Sales

Nikita GargMarketing head

Sheetal BhuraCredit Manager

Advisory Board

S.Somasundaramadvisor - Strategy

Ajay MakhijaAdvisor - governance

Trilok Advisor - Operations

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